Thread Repair

Thread Repair and Restoration Services Offered Both In-House and on a Call-Out Option (Using Helicoil Inserts)


Alpha McDelta Engineering offers a full thread repair service that covers most:

  • Metric threads;
  • Fine threads;
  • Standard threads;
  • Course pitch threads;
  • Imperial threads (including UNC, BSF, BSP and N.F.)


In the restoration of threads back to their original specification (Thread Repair), we use Helicoil products, stainless steel (and where necessary) steel inserts.

Our service also includes the removal of broken or damaged screws, bolts, drills and taps.  We also remove wheel lock nuts if a “key” tool is unavailable.

Call-Out Vehicle

Not able to get to us?  We’ll come to you.

The Call-Out vehicle is able to provide thread repair services anywhere in Durban and further afield by special arrangement.

The vehicle operator is equipped to remove broken bolts, easy outs and drills on site.

Contact Us

Regardless of your thread repair needs, we are able to assist.  For peace of mind and results you can trust, contact us.  We would love to hear from you.